About me

How I’ve started?

My beauty career started in 2014, as a makeup artist. While I’ve been practicing and learning more about makeup and skin I discovered a big challenge, the brows of that period, mostly thin as a result of previous thin brows trend, or poor brows services, due to lack of knowledge of the time, made me want to learn more about how to help women improve their appearance.

Brows & Lash journey

In 2019 I started my brow and lash journey and I can happily say I’m proud of this decision as the brow industry developed a lot and became an independent industry apart of makeup and cosmetology ( as it used to be for a very long time, just a small chapter of these beauty courses).
The trends also changed much in a good way, towards more natural looks customized for each individual, I guess we’ve learned from past mistakes.

In 2023 I stepped into semi-permanent makeup procedures, I’ve chosen to learn Soft Ombre Technique which gives very natural and flawless brow result, especially for those who would like to forget about daily makeup on brows, as they last over 12 months.

Please keep in mind: trends come and go, but your face expression has to be unique, just like you are.

Teaching path

As I gained enough experience working with many clients, in 2023 I developed a strong wish to share my knowledge and start teaching, so I expanded my knowledge into becoming a beauty educator, helping students to start their career in beauty through my beauty courses for brows and lashes.

I am also happy to help ladies improve their makeup looks through my “Self makeup sessions”, no matter if that would be soft glam look for events or daily makeup routine, you name it.

If daily brow styling routine is difficult no worries, I have a mini brow styling lesson for you too.

Brows services

Because I wanted to be able to manage any brow situation, for those in need, I also offer semi-permanent brows, soft ombre tehnique, great for that perfect look every day.

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Be your own kind of beautiful!

Take care beauties!